March 14th, 2017

Kris Noel

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​  Sixteen-year-old August is a dangerous criminal. Branded and sent        into space to die, he’s rescued by the Pike, a freight ship headed to the  capital city of Prime. And to top it all off, August has no memory of

 who  he is or what he’s done.

 Forced to spend two years aboard the ship, August uncovers a prophecy  that pits the Emperor against him. The Emperor’s daughter, Petra, is  destined to fall in love with August, and together, they’ll bring about  the untimely death of the Emperor. As August begins to unravel his past,  he’s not sure whether the prophecy is real or if the Emperor is paranoid.

 August plots revenge against the Emperor, but when he meets Petra and a  friendship unexpectedly blossoms, he’s torn between carrying out his  plan and wanting peace.

Copyright 2013. Kristen Dabrio. All rights reserved.

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