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“I’m sick of hearing it. I don’t think it’s right to stand by while innocent people are being tortured. I feel like that’s how most horrible things continue to happen. It’s because other people don’t step in to stop it.”

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 Meet Alva Martin

​  Alva Martin, a strong fighter and fixer of old computers, is only interested in joining the Verus Army when she turns  eighteen.When She is sent to a training camp with her two best friends, a violent plane crash leaves them stranded in an entirely  new world.  Miraculously alive and relatively unharmed, they are rescued by a strange man named Alexander who brings them back  to his  compound in Shiloh and promises to keep them safe until help can arrive.

 After only a few hours, Alva begins to feel how oppressive and unsettling their temporary home is. She learns that they believe in The  Culling, a fancy way of saying that the world will end in two weeks due to a destructive race of aliens. Alexander believes it is his

 job  to rebuild the world in a better way, along with the help of his best student. The young boy, Barnabas, eventually views Alva as  his  saving grace and tries to enlist her in his attempt to break free.

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